Mindhunter - John Douglas & Mark Olshaker

Book Review: Mindhunter – John Douglas & Mark Olshaker

Oh boy, it has taken me a while to gather my thoughts on Mindhunter. I’ve always been interested in true crime. I love watching the likes of 48 Hour Mystery, Snapped and Crimewatch etc. 

I read this book over the course of two weeks whilst I was visiting family in Estonia in September. It all started when my boyfriend and I watched the whole season of Unabomber on Netflix in one day.  

I was absolutely taken by the criminal profiling and knew I needed to get my hands on the Mindhunter book before getting into the series. (We are yet to watch the series though..) 

Mindhunter is by far one of the most interesting but difficult books I’ve read. John Douglas has described the cases he has been involved with in so much detail that occasionally I had to put the book down to take time to digest what I had just read. 

“Singularity is almost invariably a clue. The more featureless and commonplace a crime is, the more difficult it is to bring home.” 

One of the most memorable cases for me was the one of Ed Kemper, who killed numerous women, including his own mother and his grandparents. Chilling. You can read more about him here. 

The book wasn’t just pure gore though. John wrote about his journey of becoming one of the first and arguably one of the best criminal profilers in the world. It truly was a fascinating journey. 

4.5 stars out of 5. 

What do you think about criminal profiling? 

If you have already read the book, what was the most memorable case for you?

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