TBR Shelf Shame – Updated TBR – 30 Days of April #11

My boyfriend made a point the other day when he noticed that I had bought yet another book. (It was Pet Sematary, so totally okay!) He accused me of storing books everywhere; that anywhere he looked there were stacks of books and I can’t even fit them on the bookshelf anymore! (I personally think that we just don’t have enough shelves!!) It got me thinking that surely I’ve made a bit of progress with my TBR and there aren’t actually THAT many unread books in our house. Right?! Riiiiight, so back in January I wrote a post about the TBR from Hell and how I planned to tackle it. You can read about it here. Thinking I’ve made great progress I just needed an updated list to prove him wrong! It has proved me wrong instead! Since January I’ve actually managed to collect a further 20 books and must agree that I am just a little bit OUT OF CONTROL!  Here is the updated list. (Please send help.) Also, can someone please block all my cards so that I can’t buy any more books until I get through most of the below!? Number Author Title 1 Archer, Jeffrey Mightier Than the Sword 2 Attwood, Shaun Un-Making a Murderer 3 Aveyard, Victoria Red Queen 4 Baker, Jo A Country Road, A Tree 5 Bauer, Belinda Darkside 6 Bauer, Belinda The Shut Eye 7 Bauer, Belinda The Beautiful Dead 8 Bauer, Belinda Finders Keepers 9 Bauer, Belinda The Facts of Life and Death 10 Begbie, Hannah Mother 11 Braswell, Liz As Old as Time 12 Brodkorb, Michael & Mann, Allison The Girls Are Gone 13 Bronte, Charlotte Jane Eyre 14 Bussi, Michel Don’t Let Go 15 Bussi, Michel Black Water Lilies 16 Bussi, Michel After the Crash 17 Callaghan, Helen Dear Amy 18 Candlish, Louise Our House 19 Carr, Caleb The Alienist 20 Cavanagh, Steve The Liar 21 Chance, Rebecca Mile High 22 Chance, Rebecca Bad Twins 23 Cleave, Chris Everyone Brave is Forgiven 24 Cleeves, Ann The Seagull 25 Cleeves, Ann The Moth Catcher 26 Cleeves, Ann Harbour Street 27 Cleeves, Ann Cold Earth 28 Cleeves, Ann Thin Air 29 Cleeves, Ann Dead Water 30 Cleeves, Ann Blue Lightning 31 Cleeves, Ann Wild Fire 32 Coelho, Paulo The Alchemist 33 Constatine, Susannah After the Snow 34 Curtis, Emma One Little Mistake 35 Diamond, Katerina The Promise 36 Donoghue, Emma Room 37 Edvardsson, M. T. A Nearly Normal Family 38 Eger, Edith The Choice 39 Feeney, Alice I Know Who You Are 40 Flynn, Gillian Dark Places 41 Follett, Ken A Column of Fire 42 Frances, Michelle The Temp 43 Furnivall, Kate The Betrayal 44 Gardner, Lisa Touch & Go 45 Gardner, Lisa Right Behind You 46 Gerrard, Nicci What Dementia Teaches Us About Love 47 Gregory, Philippa The Kings Curse 48 Gregory, Philippa The Other Boleyn Girl 49 Gregory, Philippa The Boleyn Inheritance 50 Gregory, Philippa The Taming of the Queen 51 Gregory, Philippa The Other Queen 52 Gregory, Philippa The White Princess 53 Gregory, Philippa The Kingmaker’s Daughter 54 Gregory, Philippa The Last Tudor 55 Gregory, Philippa Three Sisters, Three Queens 56 Gregory, Philippa The Virgin’s Lover 57 Gregory, Philippa The Queen’s Fool 58 Gregory, Philippa The Red Queen 59 Grisham, John The Innocent Man 60 Guy, John Mary Queen of Scots 61 Hamilton, Karen The Perfect Girlfriend 62 Harris, Thomas Hannibal 63 Harris, Thomas The Silence of the Lambs 64 Harris, Thomas Red Dragon 65 Heaberlin, Julia Paper Ghosts 66 Heaberlin, Julia Black-Eyed Susans 67 Honeyman, Gail Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine 68 Jensen, Louise The Sister 69 Jewell, Lisa The Girls 70 Kepnes, Caroline Hidden Bodies 71 King, Stephen Needful Things 72 King, Stephen Finders Keepers 73 King, Stephen End of Watch 74 King, Stephen The Green Mile 75 King, Stephen Pet Sematary 76 Kinnings, Max Baptism 77 Kitchin, C.H.B Crime at Christmas 78 La Plante, Lynda Twisted 79 Lake, Alex Copycat 80 Lowe, Katie The Furies 81 McEwan, Ian Atonement 82 Monroe, J.S. Find Me Before They Do 83 Moriarty, Liane The Husband’s Secret 84 Moyes, JoJo Me Before You 85 Moyes, JoJo After You 86 Murakami, Haruki What I Talk About When I Talk About Running 87 Neill, Fiona Good Girl 88 Ng, Celeste Little Fires Everywhere 89 Niffenegger, Audrey The Time Travellers Wife 90 North, Caroline The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August 91 Picoult, Jodi Plain Truth 92 Picoult, Jodi Small Great Things 93 Plokhy, Serhii Chernobyl 94 Purcell, Laura The Corset 95 Reynolds, Amanda Lying to You 96 Richmond, Michelle The Marriage Pact 97 Robson, Amanda Obsession 98 Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 99 Simons, Paulina Tatiana & Alexander 100 Simons, Paulina The Summer Garden 101 Spring, Neil The Lost Village 102 Swanson, Peter The Kind Worth Killing 103 Taylor, C.L. The Lie 104 Taylor, C.L. The Missing 105 Taylor, C.L. The Escape 106 Taylor, C.L. The Treatment 107 Thomas, Angie The Hate U Give (THUG) 108 Tremblay, Paul A Head Full of Ghosts 109 Turton, Stuart The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle 110 Vall, S.K. Stockholm Randsom 111 Waters, Sarah The Little Stranger 112 Watson, SJ Before I Go to Sleep 113 Yates, Christopher J. Grist Mill Road 114 Zusak, Markus The Book Thief I am not okay. A total of 114 unread books. Utterly ridiculous amount of books to have for someone that averages roughly 1.5 books a week. With this rate it would take me 76 weeks to get through all of them!  How many books have you got on your list to read? Let me know, and if there is any books on this list I should prioritise give me a shout, too! Now, don’t mind me, just hiding under the bed pretending this isn’t my life. Bye! Related