Do you trust book reviews? – 30 Days of April #22

I’m actually really rather surprised that I’ve kept this challenge up for the past 21 days. With the haste of packing the bags at 3am on the morning of my flight, I’ve forgotten to bring my challenge plan. Oh, Kat..  So, I’m sat here, winging the final week of Aprilathon! Thank you, I thought it was impressive too. Today I’m briefly touching on book reviews.  I realised earlier today that I have yet to finish a book that is being published in the UK tomorrow! Sorry NetGalley, I’m currently working on getting through it! PS! I Know Who You Are by Alice Feeney and I’m absolutely hooked! Most of my TBR has grown because of the reviews I’ve read online and bookstagram recommendations. Which means that I mostly buy a book because of a good book review. Not necessarily 5 star reviews, but more so about how the book made the reader feel. So my question to you today is: How often do you read book reviews before deciding to add it to your to be read pile? Do the reviews change your mind about reading/not reading the book? Related