I DID IT! APRILATHON WRAP UP – 30 Days of April #30

Last month I wanted to do something special for April. I wanted to challenge myself and thought what better way to do so than posting a bookish post for every day for 30 days straight. Bring on Aprilathon! Not going to lie – it’s been A LOT harder than I expected. I had planned it all and sometime half way through changed all the posts to different ones and then the last week has been a complete “just wing it” because I forgot my notepad home when I was rushing to catch the plane to fly home.

Yes, that was me for the last week or so. 

But let me tell you- I am immensely proud that I’ve managed to finish this little challenge. It is definitely something I’d like to make a yearly thing but I will start planning from now to make it less stressful!

Here’s what I wrote about in April 2019:

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog, sending me messages and generally making me feel a part of this community. I love being part of it!


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